Marist Music

Michael Herry is a Marist Brother working as a pastoral musician, mainly in the Melbourne Archdiocese. Br Herry writes scripture-based chants specifically for the Christian calendar.  Brother Herry is passionate about the interface between music and prayer and the challenge it offers us as Christians sharing the Good News.

December 24th Israel

Dear Family and Friends,
Greetings from Lavi kibbutz in Israel where I've spent the last two nights whilst touring the northern part of Israel,  Sea of Galilee, (photos) and Golan Heights. I feel like I'm in sausage making machine but it's one way to see lots in a short time. Day 3 today to Cana Nazareth and Jerusalem tonight.

Yesterday I felt awful with a very heavy cold, but fortunately there's a retired US doctor in our group and he kindly gave me some medication last night so I had a good night's sleep and the hotel gave me a new box of tissues.

We were given the option of buying a ticket for midnight mass etc in Bethlehem,  but frankly it sounded a bit touristy and tickets are US $100 so I'll go somewhere in Jerusalem (although my hotel there will be in the Jewish part of the city,  and some distance from the old town.

Anyway know from time to time I'm remembering you all. I'm very much looking forward to coming home. I have to return to Rome first for my connecting flights. God bless and Happy,Christmas wherever you are. Michael