Marist Music

Michael Herry is a Marist Brother working as a pastoral musician, mainly in the Melbourne Archdiocese. Br Herry writes scripture-based chants specifically for the Christian calendar.  Brother Herry is passionate about the interface between music and prayer and the challenge it offers us as Christians sharing the Good News.

December 20th Israel

Hi Saturday morning here. I'm off to Bethlehem with a bunch of French speaking student religious from the Ecole Biblique. should be a good time to practise my French. Peace and enjoy Sunday. More sad news from Australia.

Greetings from Jerusalem.  As it happened,  I didn't get to Bethlehem. A problem with logistics for the number of people who wanted to go. But I had a good morning. Looking at archaeological sites below two churches,  the Sion sisters place where Jesus was tried, and the (Protestant)  Church of the Holy Redeemer. All very interesting. I was in the company of a young man from Mauritius,  and we had lunch together.  I'm now quite pooped. I hope I keep up with the tour group better than this! Have a great Sunday. Michael