Marist Music

Michael Herry is a Marist Brother working as a pastoral musician, mainly in the Melbourne Archdiocese. Br Herry writes scripture-based chants specifically for the Christian calendar.  Brother Herry is passionate about the interface between music and prayer and the challenge it offers us as Christians sharing the Good News.


On the big Italian feast day of All Saints a group of seven from our international group visited the 'must see' Umbrian town of Orvieto almost exactly in the centre of Italy's leg. It turned out a delightful late autumn day, warm sunshine and a cloudless blue sky which made the pre-dawn departure from Manziana well worth while.

What can one say of Orvieto? Apart from the sheer beauty of this medieval town perched on top of an ancient volcanic plug, it is full of Christian and pre-Christian history.For example, the feast of Corpus Christi was first celebrated here, after a corporal used at mass by a sceptical priest was found stained with blood. Whatever the veracity of the story, the linen corporal can be seen in one of the side chapels of the cathedral which is the most beautifully restored Gothic cathedral I have seen.  Not only is the facade of the cathedral full of beautiful carvings and designs crowned high above the piazza by a colourful fresco of Our Lady's assumption, the sides of the church are painted in large black and white stripes!!! I kid you not! Anyway,  I'll let some of my photos speak for themselves. For those of our group who went,  I'm sure it will be one of our lasting memories of our time in Italy.