Marist Music

Michael Herry is a Marist Brother working as a pastoral musician, mainly in the Melbourne Archdiocese. Br Herry writes scripture-based chants specifically for the Christian calendar.  Brother Herry is passionate about the interface between music and prayer and the challenge it offers us as Christians sharing the Good News.

Viterbo & Assissi

Hi everyone, 
I'm in a small restaurant in the town of Viterbo,  at the end of the railway line furthest from Rome ( Manziana is one of the stops along the way ).  The proprietor (I'm guessing) is sitting at another table and having her lunch, occasionally speaking to the young waitress who has a face to launch a thousand ships, but sadly, not a word of English!!  I wish she'd just sit there  and smile at me. Would do marvels for my third age, as I just sit and slurp my wine.

The bruschetta was nice,  (3 different toppings on the toast),  the pasta very al dente',  and the wine delicious!   I'm not sure how many courses come with the 15€ advertised out the front,  but I've just been given fresh cutlery so there must be another course! I have plenty of time before my train home, so I'll just sit,  eat and enjoy.  I hope after all the wine I can find the station.  It's easy to get lost in these narrow medieval streets. The third  course has arrived. Diced stewed beef I'd say, a little dry,  but saved by a tasty sauce and a generous side plate of roasted potatoes.

A couple of young blokes have arrived and have taken up a table. I'd say they're locals and probably attracted by more than the food. The waitress 's smile has broadened. Bugger it! And would you believe one of them is balder than I am!!!
Catch some of the photos on my website (Thanks again to Kath)  The town's origins go back to Etruscan times, thousands of years BC I think.  And some of the photos show the medieval town built on foundations from much earlier.  The cathedral (consecrated about 1200, but on the site of an earlier Christian church and before that a pagan.temple) was heavily bombed during WW 2, so is largely a reconstruction. Viterbo was at its peak of influence and power in the 13th. C and for a while popes had their palaces here. The town also had connections with the famous (or was it infamous)  Borgias.  Check the website for some beautiful photos.  Ciao to all. Michael 

I'm now in the train heading back to Manziana.  Fortunately the rain has stopped,  so an opportunity to see some of the views I didn't see this morning.

Greetings from Assisi where I've spent the afternoon alone after becoming separated from the others while I was trying to find the church of St Damiamo.  I went on ahead by myself and got lost. So I missed a couple of the tour guide sessions which I would have enjoyed but it was my own fault. Anyway I went for a walk, and took the beautiful attached photo.  A late autumn,  late afternoon in Assisi.  The hotel here, or rather a Franciscan pilgrim hotel is very comfortable and clean, and the luncheon meal was tastey.  Enjoy the photo!