Marist Music

Michael Herry is a Marist Brother working as a pastoral musician, mainly in the Melbourne Archdiocese. Br Herry writes scripture-based chants specifically for the Christian calendar.  Brother Herry is passionate about the interface between music and prayer and the challenge it offers us as Christians sharing the Good News.

October 12th Santiago de Compostela

Hi there Family, Kath, Brothers and friends,

4 pm here in S de Com and I'm just back from a late 'brunch'  Once again I decided on something regional,  octopus with large prawns, and what did I get??? A frying pan full guessed it.... Octopus and large prawns.  You'd have a hard time here trying to get vegetables with a meat dish. Anyway I was hungry And the octopus was delicious.
Feeling holy after two masses this morning. (Some good shots and video of the swinging of the censor) and after mass I ran into two Italian girls I'd met on the walk somewhere. They were so excited to see me again,  but that's normal among the pilgrims. The main pilgrim mass was packed,  and lovely singing from a young,  mainly girl's choir
Now I'm back in my excellent alberge / hotel. Very cheap,  clean, every facility... did a pile of laundry yesterday,  and it's also about 5 min Walk (10 min for me!) from the cathedral.  Ive decided to spend an extra day here and skip Madrid . Still lots I haven't seen here. ie more and more churches!  And head directly for Barcelona.  At least that's the present plan. And this time next week I'll be in Italy. Peace and best wishes to all, and know I prayed for all the people in my one,  small life...  in the scheme of things.... This morning. Lol, Michael